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RESISTANCE TUBE – Livepro #367506


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Livepro latex cloth sleeve resistance rope is suitable for fixed use at home, office and gym for full body exercise, which is a very effective training tool to enhance core strength, cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Internal high-quality latex tube, has high elasticity, high tensile strength, good rebound, and is not easy to deformation; Polyester fabric cover is wrapped externally, which is high strength, wear-resistant and anti-pull. Strong and durable aluminum climbing buckle is for connection and fixation, which is very durable. Set contains four resistance values (10/20/30/40LBS), with a variety of combinations to meet different training needs.

High-quality latex inner tube

High quality latex material inner tube is high elasticity, high tensile strength and good rebound and long use is not easy to deformation

High-strength polyester fabric cover

Latex tube wrapped with high-strength polyester fabric cover is anti-tear and very wear-resistant

Strong climbing buckle

Aluminum climbing buckle at both ends of the resistance rope is for connecting, which is strong and durable

Logo and warranty

Leather logo attached to both sides of the resistance rope, which is not easy to wear out with a full 3-month commercial warranty against damage

Suitable for various training scenarios

It is used for core strength and coordination, etc. and a smart investment for the gym

Technical Parameters

Brand: Livepro

Color: black + yellow label / green label / red label / blue label

Material: latex + polyester + aluminum

Weight: 195/210/230/265g

Size: 5 × 7 × 1200mm




Resistance value: 10/20/30/40LBS


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RESISTANCE TUBE – Livepro #367506